How to leave Healthy Life


Fitness is all about leaving healthy life and not just about heavy muscular body.

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For me to leave healthy life means EAT WELL, EXERCISE SMART, and REST properly.


I believe that everybody is busy in their lifestyles and not able to get the time for healthy food, easy exercise and relaxing. If you are not healthy that invites gaining weight, mental or physical exertion or illness and had an unbelievable amount of stress. This culminated in a lot of body tests, plus visits with doctors.

Ask yourself, whether Are you leaving Healthy Life?

Are you taking Healthy Food?

Are you mentally and physically feet?

I am sure the answer is big NO, here’s a tips to make you healthy and leave healthy life.

Here’s the general plan:

  1. Eat better; take food which will give you low-calorie and high vitamins.Basic idea about food Heavy Breakfast, little Lunch and easy dinner at night.
  2. Gentle easy daily exercise daily for at least half an hours.
  3. REST. 8 hours a night,
  4. Keep meditating to deal with stress.
  5. Do it without fail regularly.



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