Importance of Logos in Business

 Do you know any company who don’t have their logo?

Have you know any company just by its logos or not by name?

Do you think Logo is important for your business?

Do you have a logo for your company?

Do you know the benefits of the logo?

Do you know the History of the logo?


The logotype as we know it today, appeared in Europe and the United States in the mid-18th century. The logo became part of the branding strategy of businesses in the 1800s, which begins with Marcus Samuel.

As everybody knows there are so many companies which are just known by its logo.If you just think about McDonald, Coca-Cola, Pizza hut, Domino’s pizza like there are so many companies, who have their own identifications because of their logo. It’s just pop of in persons mind quickly about company, when we see their logos anywhere.

A logo is simply a graphic that represents a company. Typically, logos are simple, making them easy to remember. In general a logo should help convey some information about the company, or be designed in a way that gives some sense of meaning about the company or its industry. It is easy to print logos for your branding promotion on small products, such as pens, key chains and stickers that can be handed out to expand the reach of the company.

Even when a logo does not have words, it creates a brand that is associated with the company and the products or services the company offers. This helps with advertising, since simply showing the logo in a newspaper or billboard is enough for customers to recognize and think about the company. Recognition is one of the most important parts of a logo and branding, since it keeps the company at the front of customer minds. It is necessary to have a quality logo, since the logo is the face of the company. A badly designed logo turns away customers.

A logo is like a signature. It provides your legal ownership and protects you from fake or duplicate companies. As we know many companies have same duplicate products like original companies have. So you sue those companies if you have your company logo trademark. This helps your company in terms of customers trust on your products and company.


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