New taste from Wendy’s

Are you done with same boring taste of sandwich?


Then hold your breath because Wendy’s make you hungry with his new sriracha spicy chicken. Which is really  a spicy taste for spicy chicken lovers.

Hey have you try Wendy’s New SPICY SRIRACHA CHICKEN?

Don’t tell me no. If NO then I must say you missing something which makes you really crazy.

Love Sriracha? Then don’t miss winters hot experience. Try the new Spicy Sriracha Chicken Sandwich with Sriracha bun, cheese and sauce.

Let me inform you that Wendy’s this time come up with another delicious SPICY SRIRACHA CHICKEN SANDWICH . Spicy Sriracha Chicken Sandwich comes with  Spicy Chicken, topped with a one of kind Sriracha Jack Cheese, thick-cut Applewood Smoked Bacon, creamy Sriracha aioli, spring mix, and red onion, all served on a toasted Sriracha-infused fresh bakery-style bun.

If you are strong believer of eat healthy food , then leave your all worries side because this new Sriracha spicy chicken is very healthy for your food.

Calories From Fat 310,Total Fat (g) 35,Saturated Fat (g) 11,Trans Fat (g) 0.5,Polyunsaturated Fat (g) 12,Monounsaturated Fat (g) 8,Cholesterol (mg) 110,Sodium (mg) 1690,Potassium (mg) 530,Carbohydrates (g) 51,Sugar (g) 6,Vitamin A (%DV) 20,Vitamin C (%DV) 30,Calcium (%DV) 20,Iron (%DV) 15.

There is more with this spicy sandwich they are giving spicy sriracha fries and spicy sriracha poutine fries

Do you know how much this sandwich cost you?

Ohhhhh my god I could not believe it’s nothing in compare to really delicious crispy spicy chicken.

If I think of foods Wendy’s is always be the first choice for me. I love their services and promotional offers, which is really good.

Only the worst part is of this is Its just for LIMITED PERIOD.

OMG  I can’t wait more. This looks good I going to get one of these tomorrow……are you coming to join me for amazing experience.

So Hurry up……..for amazing experience


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