Importance of 3Ps for Business Owner ( Advertiser)


Here is my blog about why advertiser (business owner) need 3 p’s for their business?

Want to be millionaire in short time?

 Are you aware about magic behind 3Ps for your business?

Have you ever used 3Ps in your business?

I believe every business owner uses 3Ps to succeed in their business.

This blog is really interesting for those who above to start their new business.

I have used 3Ps for my business and you won’t believe it took me number one position among all my competitors.

What is 3Ps for advertiser? Ok finally I will the open the suspense for 3Ps because I don’t want to see you as a looser in your business.

My theory for 3Ps for advertiser is nothing but PROTECT, PROFIT and PERMANENT.

So here is story for 3Ps and why it is important for your business.

PROTECT: – The primary goal as a new business need to aware customers about your company and the products which you are going to sale. This is only possible by doing advertisement. This will help your customer to get the idea about the product and purchase from you. So for the awareness of product and protect yourself from the competitors you need the advertisement.

PROFIT: – After Settle down the business properly second stage for any business owner is to earn profit. So now everyone is aware about your business and product because of the advertisement but now need more customers to earn good profit. So to get more customers and profit  you need to have more advertisement.

PERMANENT: – Here permanent is like keep going for the advertisement no matter how much profit you are earning. So what happen if you stop advertisement? In that case customers believe you no more in business and stop coming to you because they believe that you are good advertiser and your presence is always there in all media for many reasons like your new products, schemes etc. So you need to continue your advertisement to keep your customer trust and believe that you are still in the business.

So now you knew the magic behind the 3Ps for your business. So try this before someone uses it.


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