What ? If I get the chace to change Something.



I love to be a God if I get the chance to change myself.

It is difficult to explain why I want to be a God but let me ask you something interesting.

Who created the Universe?

Who run the Universe?

Who created the Human?

Who is responsible or manage for Birth and Death.

The Universe can be defined as everything that exists, everything that has existed, and everything that will exist.

I don’t know about others but I truly believe there should be someone called God who runs the entire Universe.

It really surprise me about the universe rules about nature cycle like Winter, Summer and Rain it comes and goes on time, Everywhere you go human’s has a same body structure but everyone is different from each other, etc.

There are so many things which are existing and run automatically without any machine or man behind that.

Human is the powerful weapon created by God. I believe that god create human and gave emotions to love and help each other without any selfishness.

I want to be a god to change human brain again, because now day’s humans are without emotions they don’t care about others. They don’t have fear for anything and ready to do anything for their own benefits. They are busy in their own personal things and believe that they are the more powerful man in the world.

I feel so bad about when I see peoples not worried about their parents and kick them out at the old age.  Even no one bother about poor people who really need someone help. No one really worried about natural resources like Water, Air, and Mountains and wasting like anything. They are busy in comparison with other to prove them superior.

I really upset about human’s behavior now a day and really want to change this. I know it is not possible to change this being a human. So the reason I want to be a God to change human again to make them feel about others.


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