I think everyone is agreed on that India got many talents in different sports but still very behind in other sports (except cricket) in compare to other countries.

As an Indian have you ever think what the problem is behind this situation.

So here is the story why India is so behind from other countries when it comes to sports. If I ask you which sports you like? Which sports you admire most? What you want to be as a sportsman?

I am sure everybody is going to say cricket. No one care about other sports like Boxing, Hockey, kabaddi, Badminton, Shooting, Football, etc. I believe it’s not someone’s fault because everybody wants to famous and earn good money.

How many you know that India won only 24 medals in total since it first competed in the Olympics in 1920. Of its nine gold medals, eight were won by its field hockey team between 1928 and 1980, dominance now vanished. Air-rifle shooter Abhinav Bindra won India’s only individual gold medal in 2008. India has the lowest ratio of medals to population among competing countries.

I have seen many sportsmen who played for National and International sports and won a medal for the country but still doing a labor work to run their family. There is no recognition or reward for them.

What is your suggestion for the better development of Indian Sports?

I believe that government and their policies about sports is the main reason behind these facts. In India every cities and villages have different talents in sports but because of the poor conditions of the person and lack of government facilities less encouragement towards other sports not able to produce good sportsmen.

For me, I am sure India can win more gold medals in different sports, if they provide good facilities and encouragement from government.

I would suggest to sports ministry and governing bodies to issues serious job roles to ex sportsman to important decision making boards rather than assigning person who do not even know basic of sports and such politicians just for financial gain they are making biased decision.

My request to Indian government please take care and provide all the facilities who played for India and also who wants to play for India.


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