Marketing & Strategy

Getting together strategy, writing, technology and creativity we help our clients forge dangerously effective marketing strategies to get their brands and stories in front of consumers. We understand that running a business is your job, and getting that business to a higher quality and larger quantity of your target market is ours.
Strategic Marketing Matters
Customer engagement is critical to effective marketing campaigns. talonX provides the theory, platform of execution of connecting businesses to users. Through research, planning and extensive testing we act as your brand advocates and help your business speak.
Let us create your story and turn flat interactions into customer experiences. Whether through digital or in person mediums, we’re focused on creating a strong foundation for any business to grow on. Boring brands are boring… and being borings sucks. Let us bring you something real!
One of the biggest problems companies are faced with today is how to cut through the clutter and develop a sustainable strategy that delivers results not only today, but in the days, weeks, months and years to come. Sustainability is functional, and working to create, design and execute an effective marketing strategy will ultimately yield serious success in the future. Forget about quick fixes, let’s build something legendary together, straight from the ground up.